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5 Top tips to consider when choosing your perfect wedding venue

My name is Zoë and I run a company called The Venue Expert. I have worked in wedding venues for the past eight years, and now I work with lots of venues to help them and their staff improve to make sure that your wedding journey is absolutely the best that it can be.

With that in mind, I come to you today to help you begin to navigate that journey with the first thing you usually have to tick off your list - finding the right venue for you.

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How herbal tea can help your anxiety on your wedding day

There were all the typical wedding photos of my special day: my husband and I strolling along a beach looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, cutting our four-tiered cake, the “first look.”

All images were beautifully taken and tucked away in a photo album for me to enjoy in the years to come. Among those picture-perfect photos is one of me sprawled out on a bed in my wedding gown trying desperately to relax, so I could regain some energy from a previous night of anxiety-fueled insomnia.

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